LYSEFJORD packrafting, Hiking & Wild camping little big adventure

an amphibious packrafting + hiking trip, exploring cliffs, beaches, waterfalls, gorges, trails, mountain tops... A little big adventures classic!

Join us on a rather unique and innovative trip as we once again push the boundaries of how much adventure can possibly be squeezed into a long weekend! 

For this adventure, we’ll be bringing packrafts, which open up a new and exciting way to travel. Like enabling us to spend one night in a secret, hidden woodland clearing above the fjord, accessible only by packraft.

The packrafts pack down so small and light, (3.2kg to be precise) that they can be strapped to your backpack and carried whilst we hike, and then rapidly re-inflated for paddling on the fjord.

quick OVerview

  • A four day wild camping adventure including; two days of packrafting and two days spent hiking
  • A wild, adventurous and physically challenging trip
  • We spend one night in a secret, hidden woodland clearing above the fjord, accessible only by packraft
  • Join a small group of like-minded adventurers (max group size of 7) 
  • Highlights include; swimming off your packraft in the crystal clear water of the fjord, packrafting underneath the legendary Pulpit Rock (Google it!), exploring amazing waterfalls and trekking epic trails -- with lots of other surprises along the way, Little Big Adventures style... :)

the plan

We land in Stavanger on Friday morning and head straight for the wilderness. First we hop on the ferry from Stavanger across the water and then its a short bus ride to the start of the trail. There's a chance to try out the packrafts in a lake, before we camp out for the night on a dramatic rock ledge high above the fjord.

We spend the next day packrafting all day; exploring the fjord, being followed by curious seals, filling up on fresh water at a waterfall, before coming upon our "secret beach" and the hidden camping spot where we'll rest for the night.

There's plenty of time for wild swimming and picking (and eating) the freshest of mussels!

The next day is spent packrafting in the morning, and then we start a long hike (around 13km), from the fjords edge to the top of the mountain above the fjord. Its an epic, challenging and rewarding climb with seriously impressive views. 

On the last day we check out the amazing view from Pulpit Rock before heading back to Stavanger to meet our transfer back to the airport. On the flight back we have plenty of time to catch our breath and enjoy the altogether surreal feeling of being back so suddenly in civilisation after an action packed few days exploring. What you'll feel now, is what we've coined at Little Big Adventures 'place-lag'... 


Norway is a pretty wild place and the weather can often change fast, not dissimilar to somewhere like the Lake District in the UK. Its likely to rain on at least one of the days we are there, so make sure you bring a good waterproof jacket.

If we get lucky with the weather, we could enjoy sunny, blue skies and temperatures of around 22°C in the day time. Fingers crossed! On the higher peaks at night, the temperature could be as low as -3°C (unlikely but possible). A more likely scenario for May 2017 is temperatures of around 8-12°C. Therefore, its important to bring both a warm 3 season sleeping bag, a warm jumper and jacket, as well as sun cream and a cap to be prepared for all possible weathers. 


Expect the weather to be a little warmer than May, with slightly less chance of rain, and less of it when/if it does rain... Highs of around 25°C in the day time if we get lucky with the weather.


May 26th - May 29th 2017
£310 per person


June 23rd - 26th 2017
£310 per person

Sold Out


  • Little Big Adventures guide 
  • Packraft
  • Paddle
  • Buoyancy aid
  • Waterproof dry sack for your bag
  • A spot in an awesome Poler Outdoor Stuff tent
  • Camping gas, stove and cooking equiptment 
  • All ferry & bus tickets
  • Airport transfers in Norway
  • Breakfasts and dinners
  • Micro-roasted, freshly made coffee each morning (or tea if you'd prefer)
  • Marshmallows to roast around the campfire
  • Guaranteed #campvibes


  • Flights
  • Holiday insurance
  • Lunches and snacks

what you need to bring

  • Sleeping mat
  • 3 season sleeping bag
  • Torch or head-torch
  • Waterproof clothes 
  • Suncream and SPF lip balm
  • Hiking shoes or boots
  • Swim kit and a fast drying travel towel
  • 1 litre water bottle or hydration system
  • Mug, Bowl, Fork and Spoon
  • Lunches and snacks

You'll get a more comprehensive kit list when you book this trip.


As a requirement for participating in a Little Big Adventure you will be required to obtain sufficient and appropriate holiday insurance. There is more detail about this in our Terms & Conditions.


We don’t want to scare you! But we do think it’s important that you understand the dangers of venturing out onto wilderness trails and packrafting on inland waterways. Therefore, please read the following: travelling in wild or isolated areas carries inherent risk which can lead to injury or possibly death. Some of the trails can have steep sided drops, loose gravel and areas of slippery roots and rock. As a requirement for participating in a Little Big Adventure you will be required to obtain sufficient and appropriate insurance. 



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How fit/experienced do I need to be for this adventure?

You don’t need to have packrafted before, as your guide will teach you all the basics. (It's dead easy)

You do however need to have a fairly decent level of fitness for this trip due to the long hike from the edge of the fjord to the top of the mountain on the third day (approx. 13km). You do need to be comfortable hiking all day with a full (and quite heavy) backpack. Its a challenging route but the feeling of achievement (as well as the views) at the top are 100% worth it!

You could use the adventure as a great excuse to get into shape in the new year! ;) We will send some information on how to get ‘adventure ready fit' for this trip when you book. If you have any questions or concerns about fitness levels, please contact Theo at


Do we have a support vehicle or someone to carry our gear?

Little Big Adventures trips are all 100% self-supported, and all communal gear is shared out between the group. Be ready to carry your own share of the 2-person packraft, share of the 2-person tent, food and personal items.

We recommend bringing a 35-50 liter trekking style backpack on this trip to make sure you have plenty of room. We always bring plenty of extra fastening straps so you can always store items (like the packraft) to the outside of your bag when trekking, as required.

If it’s not in the comprehensive kit list you receive when you book, please consider leaving it at home!


What about accommodation?

We always wild camp (in other words, not in campsites) in epic, and often secret locations. Think mountain tops, coves, beaches and in woodland clearings.

When we take tents we use Poler Stuff 2-person tents supplied by our friends at The Brokendown Palace. They are very well designed and are a real pleasure to sleep in. We have a selection of designs from their awesome range including the Pendleton Limited Edition tent. 

We also use top of the range Rab bivvy bags on some trips for an even wilder experience. Feel the breeze on your face, gaze up at the stars before you drift off to sleep and wake up to an amazing view. They aren’t quite as comfortable as a tent when it rains (although they are 100% water proof) but when the weather is fine, they are more exciting and a lot more fun!

Check the trip overview (top of this page) to see if the plan is to take tents or bivvy bags.


What packrafts will we use on this adventure?

We have a fleet of MRS 2X packrafts. They have been customised for Little Big Adventures to include internal storage space for greater comfort and stability in the water. Each packraft has enough space for two people plus all their gear.


Which flights should I book?

Don’t forget to book your flights right away to get the best deal. To travel with the main group, the flights you want to get are: 

Flight Out:

Friday - SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) SK4630 11:50 London Heathrow - 14:35 Stavanger

Return Flight:

Monday - Norwegian DY1336 19:45 Stavanger - 20:35 London Gatwick

You can either book the above flights directly from the airline, or head over to a flight aggregator like, or to search for and then book the cheapest flights available. If you want to take an alternate flight, just make sure you arrive in Stavanger Airport on the Friday afternoon no later than 14:35, and plan to leave no earlier than 19:45 from Stavanger Airport on the Monday evening. 

You may be able to bring your backpack onto the flight as hand luggage (and therefore not need checked baggage). If you don’t think you’ll be able to pack light or if you have a mahoooosive backpack, add a checked bag to your flight. Little Big Adventures cannot be held liable for extra charges incurred at the airport due to oversized or overweight bags.

Little Big Adventures has a checked bag booked both ways so if you want to take a penknife or similar small sharp item, coordinate with us before the trip and you can pop it in there.


Can I come on my own? 

Yes! We have solo travelers on most trips in fact. Get ready to meet a bunch of friendly, like-minded people who share a passion for adventure travel. 


What sort of food do we eat?

Little Big Adventures trips include breakfasts, dinners and ample supplies of team and coffee. You need to bring your own lunch and snacks.

All meals provided are made from 100% natural and fresh ingredients, with no preservatives or artificial food-additives. Every meal is cooked - just as a normal dish is prepared - before it is freeze-dried, making it lightweight and ideal for carrying on adventures! We add boiling water to these premium freeze-dried meals before enjoying them as a hot nutritious meal!

Meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans are all catered for.

Example Little Big Adventure dinners:

  • Farfalle with gorgonzola and spinach sauce

  • Barley-lentils-risotto with avocado mousse

  • Five spice chicken & rice

  • Pork loin in dill with potatoes

Example Little Big Adventure breakfasts:

  • Coconut porridge with blueberries, figs and chia seeds

  • Organic millet porridge with raspberries and aronia powder

You’ll need to bring your own snacks and lunches. Good ideas include dried fruit, nuts, Soreen bars, granola bars, sausage rolls, salami or biltong. Some people just grab an extra couple of Pret sandwiches from the airport before the flight out! 

We’ll be collecting and filtering the water we need to drink and cook with from passing streams and rivers. We always have plenty of tea and premium, freshly brewed micro-roasted coffee available.


What about going to the… loo?

Little Big Adventures are wilder than your average trip and take place away from civilisation and facilities, so going to the loo is often a case of going behind a tree or bush. We do come across the odd mountain hut which has proper facilities we can use. We carry away or burn (on the campfire) all our waste and that includes toilet paper. We always strive to leave no trace on the pristine natural environment our small groups travel through.

If you have any questions about this trip please contact Theo at