2017 little big Adventures

Lysefjord Packrafting, Hiking & Wild Camping 

An amphibious wild camping, hiking and packrafting adventure on one of the most stunning fjord's in all of Norway. Join the only group offering packrafting adventures in Norway as we push the boundaries of how much adventure one can possibly cram into a long weekend! A Little Big Adventures classic.


A long weekend hiking on the beautiful Norwegian fjords. We'll be camping in bivvy bags and hiking off the trail for an even wilder experience...  gaze up at the night sky before you sleep and sit up to a brilliant view across the fjord in the morning. A really wild and unique adventure!

Nærøyfjord Packrafting, HIKING & Bivvy Camping 

Packraft and wild bivvy camp the iconic Nærøyfjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site on this three day, two night microadventure. We deliberately avoid the peak June - July summer tourist season, so expect to have the fjord all to yourself as we explore secret beaches, mountains, waterfalls and more...